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Aging adults

Aging adults

Patricia Z Babirye

Rasmussen College

Fundamentals Of Professional Nursing

Sandra Kauffman


Aging adults


The average lifespan of people around the world is increasing. Today, most individuals can presume to survive well into their sixties and even into their seventies. (Huvila et al., 2018) As the world’s population ages, the proportion of older people in the population grows. Physically, aging is instigated by various molecular and cellular harm that constructs up over time. As an outcome, one’s physical and mental aptitudes worsen with time, snowballing their susceptibility to illness and, finally, demise.

Students learning objectives

· To determine the common health conditions that are associated with aging

· To evaluate factors affecting healthy aging and,

· To pinpoint challenges in responding to population aging

What I want my audience to gain from my presentation

I. Common health conditions associated with aging

II. Factors affecting healthy aging

III. Challenges in responding to population aging

IV. Stages that are involved in the aging process

V. Aging adults versus body systems

· Stage 1: independence

· Stage 2: interdependence

· Stage 3: dependency

· Stage 4: crisis controlling

· Stage 5: end of life. (L., 2019)

VI. Cognitive decline

VII. Depression

VIII. Mobility

IX. Nutrition in adults

X. Immune system

XI. Gastrointestinal system

XII. Genitourinary system

XIII. Integumentary system

XIV. Musculoskeletal system


Huvila, I., Enwald, H., Eriksson-Backa, K., Hirvonen, N., Nguyen, H., & Scandurra, I. (2018). Anticipating aging: Older adults reading their medical records. Information processing & management54(3), 394-407.

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